"Friends... they cherish one another's hopes. They are kind to one another's dreams." -Henry David Thoreau

Friday, February 24, 2012

First finish of 2012

Hi all! I hope everyone had a wonderful IHSW last weekend. I worked on Namaste by Ink Circles & finally finished it lastnight. I plan on making a wall hanging out of it & giving to a friend who's a life coach. The fabric is by Enchanted Fabrics but I don't remember the color.....both the chart & fabbie were gifts from my very dear friend Brenda. It's wrinkled because I had to take a pic as soon as I was done otherwise I'd forget LOL Thanks for looking! Now I'm off to blog-stalk the IHSW pics!! Have a great weekend all!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dino strikes again! A floss demise & Pinkadoodle (some mild language involved)

My sweet friend Joyce said I have to post this story I told her, Brenda & Cheryl about my dog Dino, who you all know by now, eats everything.

I will tell you the floss demise story first, then move onto Pinkadoodle.

I was wishing dear Brenda a happy birthday by phone on Sunday when I  realize Dino, aka eater of everything, was VERY quiet - that's a VERY scary thing. So I round the corner into the living room & see his head pop up out of my floss box....hanging out of his mouth -  Crescent Colors Frozen Margarita
Now, my dog is black, so seeing this bright beautiful green floss hanging out of his mouth down to the floor was comical and enraging at the same time. So I say "Bren, hold on a minute my dog got my floss - my HAND DYED FLOSS" Bren utters "uh oh" & put down the phone. Dino knows that when he has something he's not supposed to eat he can outrun us by running circles around the dining room table. How do you stop an 80 pound dog running in circles unless there are 2 people around? Answer: you don't. It usually takes 2 of us to stop him. Eventually I got him cornered by tempting him with food....he'll do anything for food. He stops dead in his tracks with half of the skein on the floor & the other half down his throat and all I could see was one thread length of about 6 inches hanging out of his mouth. I reach down his throat & pulled out as much as I could & threw everything away....and yes, his poop was riddled with green. All the while dear friend Bren is on hold & I almost forgot about her in the excitement. I get on to explain what happened & am totally exasperated with Dino but that it's my own fault for leaving the floss box open as he thinks of it as his personal treasure trove of treats.

On to Pinkadoodle. Again, dear friends Joyce, Brenda and Cheryl RAK'd me with this: Puffy Palzzzz bear whom they lovingly dubbed "Pinkadoodle" - Isn't he adorable??? I personally think he's a boy & have gotten several arguments from those who won't be mentioned, but to me, he looks like a pink boy.  So I shared this story with them & I hope you all get a chuckle out of it...I am laughing now but was NOT laughing at the time.....Dino strikes again:
(Ant is my fiance, short for Anthony)

Jen: (in the bathroom reading cause she needed peace & quiet)

Ant: (Yelling at top of his lungs) "Hey - what the fuck are you doing? That's mommy's! Give me that damn it!"

Jen: (Yelling at top of her lungs from the throne) "WHAT? What did Cam do?"

Ant: "Not Cam! Dino! Dino got your pink bear"

Jen: (has already wiped & flying off the seat, washes hands while yelling) "What the fuck! Did he eat him? Did he damage him?"

Ant: (Yelling from bedroom) "Him? This pink bear is a boy? He's not a boy, he's pink. Pink bears are not boys, they're girls"

Jen: (rushing out of the bathroom after washing & spraying Glade Relaxing Moments Cool Serenity spray - side note from author: that stuff smells amazing) "If he damaged Pinkadoodle I'm gonna fuck him up. Well i won't really fuck him up but I'm going to spank him"

Ant: "Pinkadoodle? You named a pink bear that's a boy fucking Pinkadoodle?"

Jen: "Not 'FUCKING' Pinkadoodle; just Pinkadoodle"

Cam: "Hey what happened? Did I hear you say Dino got Mom's Pinkadoodle that her friends got her?" (Yes my son is the type that adds lots of detail like me hehehe)

Ant: "Seriously? 'Pinkadoodle' - that pink bear is a girl. And Dino got a bit of his ear."


Cam: "Oh no!"

Jen: "Dino I am going to KILL you, you little Fucker! Get off my bed & gimme my bear!"

Ant: "You know you can't leave anything on the bed or in his reach cause he'll eat it."

Jen gives Ant the "fuck you" stare. Dog runs away and after careful inspection I realize Pinkadoodle has sustained minor damage to his left ear to wit: some fur was eaten, Dino's poop was sprinkled with pink particles. After all the commotion I heard Ant say to Cam "Mom is silly thinking that bear is a boy & her friends & her naming it Pinkadoodle"

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Thursday

Hiya. I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I hope if you check in you leave me a comment to tell me what you're up to this week stitchy-wise and life-wise.  Work has been hectic & busy. We're expecting a wee bit of snow this weekend on Saturday which will give me an excuse to stay inside & get caught up on laundry & stitching.

UPDATE:  Also, I have a wonderful friend who is selling a boatload of stash. Here's the link to her stuff. Cheryl's Stash For Sale    Once you click the link, go to the "168 Uploads" tab & click on that to see all of her goodies. She's got some great stuff. She's super friendly & ships really fast and she's shipping within the United States and to Canada.And I believe she's doing a sale right now for 10% off! Who couldn't use that?? Thank you for checking her out. I bought 4 charts from her & can't wait to decide which one will be a new start once I finish Namaste which is almost done as I am on the 6th of the 7 mandalas & will post progress piccies soon.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday or Friday if you are outside of the US abroad. Big hugs to all!