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Monday, October 17, 2011

IHSW for October

I can't wait to check out everyone's blogs for the IHSW we had! I hope everyone got in some really good time. It's never as much as we want I know, but even just a small amount is good.

 Here's what I accomplished. I finished Crescent Dreams. I stitched this for my best friend's baby. I converted the charted colors to lavender shades & stitched the hat in the same as the blanket, I left off the clusters of beads & I changed the star treasures to butterflies. I personalized it for her as well.

After I finished that I pulled out Tree of Hope - I worked on this in honor of my friend, Brenda, who is doing a Celebration SAL for some good news she totally deserves to celebrate.

Here's before:
There's an error in the chart & I started to stitch the beige-y floss in there. I had to frog that & stitch in the color it's supposed to be. Stupid me didn't even think anything of it....I thought to myself "well that's a strange color to have in a tree but oh well" LOL.

Here's after:
I'm stitching it on Silkweaver's Mountain Rose 28 count Jobelan. There are some funky colors in the tree, but once it all comes together it'll be stunning. Isn't it funny how when we stitch, some of the colors don't look "right" but when it's all stitched up it all comes together so nicely? I got a few beads on & those are pretty. I can't wait to get to the other areas of the chart. I'm probably going to rotate this one in more frequently.

Thanks for looking!


Joysze said...

Jen, congrats on Crescent Dreams. She's adorable!!!! :D

Tree of Hope looks great!!!

TammyK said...

Congrats on the finish - it's soooo cute :) Looking forward to following your Tree of Hope wip :)

♥ Nia said...

I agree, it's never as much as we want ;)
Congrats on your finish!! :)

Heli said...

Congrats on the finish! And so true about the colours, I have encountered that several times too, especially when stitching HAEDs.

Claire said...

Well done on your finish.

Lissanne said...

Crescent Dreams is adorable!!

Can't wait to see more of you Tree of Hope.

mdgtjulie said...

Congrats on the progress. It's wonderful. I love your finish too. I love the shades of lavender you chose, and I think it looks great!! Grats! I didn't even post about IHSW as my time was taken up by a disaster instead. I totally forgot it had been IHSW, and I just now posted photos of my progress! Glad you got lots done though!

Heidi said...

Awesome Jen!! :)

Ewa said...

I know exactly what you mean. My whole pattern looks just weird until I put the last stitch in.