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Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend of stitching

I finally got my blog up & running. I haven't blogged in ages. After attending a big family/friends picnic yesterday & movie night with my son, I was able to finally sit for awhile & get some much needed stitchy time in.

Here is my work in progress pic of Crescent Dreams, by Mirabilia. I'm stitching this for my best friend's baby born two months ago.  I had crocheted an afghan for when she was born so I don't feel too badly about this taking so long. I'd have finished it about month ago had I not gotten so sick.

She is being stitched on 14 count gold Aida & I changed the colors in the blanket to lavenders. I am going to use butterfly treasures on the ribbon instead of the charted stars.

I also made a start on Mermaids of the Deep Blue, by Mirabilia. I am stitching them on 32 count Belfast hand dyed Phantom by Picture This Plus. I absolutely LOVE this fabric. This is my 1st project on Belfast & I really like it. I also like how the colors dye so deeply & richly. 

I added some beads & specialty fibers today. I re-stitched some of the skin to make it less  blotchy & looking sunburned. I will go back & even out the edges of the skin. I truly love this design. I was never much of a mermaid lover for stitching & tend to stick to fairies - my favorite. I once took this silly online quiz to see if my personality is more like a fairy, mermaid, or some other few types of mythical creatures.  The results were that I am more mermaid-like as opposed to fairy-like....it said something to the effect that mermaids are mysterious and devious in luring sailors to their deaths. Sheesh, am I a mermaid at heart? Nah! I laughed of course but have always like mermies. As for this chart, I didn't like it as much until Joyce started her overlays in trying to find the perfect fabric for her Mermaids Joyce's Mermaids WIP She's stitching hers on Splash by Picture This Plus. Her stitching amazes me.

And finally, I have started a new ORT jar. I can't remember why it's called ORT so someone please enlighten me.  So far it has a few threads from Crescent Dreams & MotDB (Mermaid of the Deep Blue). At the rate I stitch it'll take years to fill this sucker! hahaha

I will be adding this back into my rotation in the next week or so -

Crescent Moon Dragon by Joan Elliott. My friend Brenda gifted me the fabric. It's 28 count hand dyed opal in light blues & grays and perfect for him. I think she bought it from Enchanted Fabrics. I changed some of the colors to make it more "manly" as I am stitching it for my son. Brenda is also stitching it with me. He roars quite loudly when I leave him off the stand for too long & my son does too as he is bugging me to "hurry up & finish it Mom!" LOL

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bren9217 said...

Absolutely wonderful Jen! I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!!!!

Joysze said...

YAY!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I'm so glad you started a blog again. Your WIPs are to die for.... I haven't seen MotBD with the red stuff! Looks awesome, makes me wanna get back to mine soon. :D